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V/A - Indecision Records Split Series

 2xLP, Album, Compilation, 2016, Sky Blue Vinyl Vinyl

Indecision Records


V/A - Indecision Records Split Series

28,00 €Preis
  • Track Listing :

    • Voorhees - The World Wanted You Dead
    • Voorhees - Illegal Wiretap
    • Voorhees - FBI Warning
    • Voorhees - Can't Take it Away
    • Kill Your Idols - Grey Skies Ahead
    • Kill Your Idols - Nameless
    • Kill Your Idols - Dead Meat
    • Kill Your Idols - Nailbomb
    • Kill Your Idols - The Shortest Dream I Ever Had
    • Bane - You Wrote This Song For Me
    • Bane - Broke Wide Open
    • Bane - Eye For An Eye
    • Adamantium - This Blade Keeps Cutting
    • Adamantium - Next In Line
    • Death By Stereo - Hippie Holocaust
    • Death By Stereo - From The Minds Of Sick People
    • Death By Stereo - Emo Holocaust
    • Ensign - Never Go Home Again

    Originally released in 2001 as a CD-only collection of Indecision's out-of-print split singles, this marks the first time this particular collection is available as its own vinyl release. Many tracks were never re-recorded or released outside this collection (Bane, Buried Alive, Adamantium, Death By Stereo). Pressed on two different colorways with no plans for any future pressings. Vinyl version includes digital download.

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