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P.PAUL FENECH - The Mental Instrumentals II


2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition

Mutant Rock Records






  • Tracklist:

    SIDE A:
    01. P. Paul Fenech - When Guitars Attack
    02. The Meteors - The Cutter Cuts (While The Widow Weeps)
    03. The Meteors - My Psychobilly Syndrome (Bloody Pit of Horror Mix)
    04. P. Paul Fenech - Mule Boy and His Unformed Face

    SIDE B:
    05. P. Paul Fenech - The Multiple Deaths of Pichina
    06. The Meteors - Do The Blood Feast Twist
    07. P. Paul Fenech - Giacando Con La Mano Sinistra Di Dio
    08. The Meteors - The Forsaken

    SIDE C:
    09. The Meteors - Blood Beat
    10. The Meteors - Nightmare In Elche (Alicante Breakdown)
    11. The Meteors - Halloween Scream
    12. The Meteors - Surfin Home On a Dead Girl

    SIDE D:
    13. P. Paul Fenech - Let's Go Play At The Myers House
    14. P. Paul Fenech - L'odio Cavalca De Solo
    15. P. Paul Fenech - Bad Universe
    16. The Meteors - The Loneliness of The Long Distance Killer

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