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Terror - Trapped In A World

LP clear vinyl

War Records



28,00 €Precio
  • "Trapped In A World" features the return of original guitar player Todd Jones (Nails, Carry On) and the setlist features a collection of songs that were written during his time in the band. Recorded by Nick Jett at Jet To Mars Studio in Los Angeles, CA, and mastered by Will Putney.

    This 12 song full length recorded live in the studio during the lockdown due to covid 19 pandemia.

    Track Listing:

    1. Lowest Of The Low
    2. Life And Death
    3. Out Of My Face
    4. Keep Your Distance
    5. Less Than Zero
    6. Overcome
    7. Better Off Without You
    8. Crushed By The Truth
    9. Not This Time
    10. One With The Underdogs
    11. Keep Your Mouth Shut
    12. Push It Away

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