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With The Light Of Truth is a beautiful and impressive 256-page hardcover book with gold gilded edges, black fabric cover, gold leaf on the front and a black ribbon bookmark that you would want to leave on your coffee table for yourself to look at and your guests to wonder at over and over. With The Light Of Truth: Straight Edge by Dan Smith is a Collection of Tattoos, Art, and Profiles of Some of the Best Straight Edge Tattoo Artists in the World. 13 inches by 9 inches, this beautiful book is published by Memento Publishing.

With The Light Of Truth: Straight Edge by Dan Smith Tattoo Artists includes the works, tattoos and art, and profiles from these great straight edge tattoo artists from all over the world:

Dj Rose, Grez, Adrian Monahan, Shane B, Matt Bagwell, Dean Parkin, Chad Soner, Dan Smith, Randy Hall, Simon Erl, Steve Byrne, Kevin Byers, Chris Stuart, Ron Fox, Dave Quiggle, Frank Carter, Terry Jacks, Mark Jackson, Soap, Mike Tommyrot, Phillip Szlosek, Mitch Love, Stevie Edge, Erich Foster, Beau Brady, Jason Frank, Jim Sylvia, Javier Rodriguez, Patrick Haney, Eric Michael Schauffele, Nico Acosta, Axel Rio, Ian White, Jesse Gabriel, Jason Anthony, Paul Nycz, Justin Jarrell, Matt Kerley, John Raftery, Santu Altamirano, John Deweese, Nate Click, Dusty Neal, Ollie, Lars Lundquist, Kc Lange, Marina Inoue, Rodrigo Botero, Brad Stevens, Alex Franklin, Annie Walker, Adam Sage, Gaston Funes, Nick Luit, Mike Lussier, Chaz Otto, Nick Baxter, Mario Desa. [Memento Publishing]

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