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PUNK 45 V/A Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns


5 × Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Reissue
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition 

Soul Jazz Records

SJR 408 Box

PUNK 45 BOXSET 5 RECORDS ! Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns

35,00 €Prix

    Record One:


    A–X-X*No Nonsense

    B–X-X*Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns


    Record Two:

    Bizzaros/Rubber City Rebels

    C–BizarrosWhite Screen Movies

    D–Rubber City Rebels Rubber City Rebels


    Record Three:

    Flesh Eaters

    E1–Flesh Eaters*Disintegration Nation

    E2–Flesh Eaters*Agony Shorthand

    F1–Flesh Eaters*Radio Dies Screaming

    F2–Flesh Eaters*Twisted Road


    Record Four:

    The Scabs

    G1–The Scabs (2)Amory Building

    G2–The Scabs (2)Leave Me Alone

    H1–The Scabs (2)Don't Just Sit There

    H2–The Scabs (2)U.R.E.


    Record Five:

    The Hollywood Squares

    I - The Hollywood Squares Hillside Strangler

    J–The Hollywood Squares Hollywood Square


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